Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blog 21: Self Reflective

I never really thought of myself as a writer. Last semester up in Greeley my major was “Journalism and Mass Communication”. When people asked what I was majoring in, I would always tell them and then add “but not for the writing part”. This is because I was in it more for the communication aspect. Anyway, in the past couple of years I have found that writing is something that I am not horrible at. This was my first college semester of English and found that it was for the most part enjoyable. When I would re-read my blogs I found that what I wrote was interesting. This has been improved throughout the past few months. My first blog “Focus on the Focal points and Such” was about the search page Yes, I answered all the required questions with the site and finished the assignment but it wasn’t the most interesting topic. Whereas later in the semester, "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" were interesting, more diverse, and gave me more material to work with.

This may be minute, but I loved coming up with titles of the blogs. I would always try to be creative and fun relating to the topic I wrote about. Some examples are: “My Free Write, Our Free Right”, “Golden Death”, “Look No Feet!”, “Easy as ABC”, “The $Bucks from Starbucks”, and “Bridezilla is Out!”. Creativity is always a great thing to implement in writing. I tried to do this a lot. We had many chances with the requirements of multimedia and hyperlinks. I tried to use pictures that related to my blog, whether it was in a general way or a unique way. For example in my first and second post I used simply pictures to represent the search engines I was discussing. In the next blog about the crazy bride I found a great picture of a true Bridezilla. Later on in a freewrite about profit on oil, I took advantage of pictures to truly give the audience an idea of what I was talking about. This is also true with my reflective essay, I used above and beyond the required amount of images to create more imagery.

The workshops or peer reviews were very helpful. I enjoyed getting feedback on my papers. It was also helpful reading others and critiquing their work as well. The questions on the peer review forms were detailed and insightful to assist in reviewing the essay. Also, having the teacher read our essays beforehand was helpful as well. The workshops helped especially with advice where to put hyperlinks and multimedia. It helped also because I found out if my paper and writing style was interesting to others. If it wasn’t I would want to change it to intrigue my audience more. Obviously because they are the ultimate grader and decision maker it is nice to get their input. I wish more of my classes did peer reviews it was enjoyable and useful.

I have strengths and weaknesses of being a writer. A strength I have is perhaps choosing a good topic matter and being able to incorporate a lot with that topic. Also a strength I have is creativity and using humor as well. In my post “Look No Feet!” I took advantage of making that post my own. I used first person as if I was the girl and made it humorous by making a random picture funny with the text. It is obviously a roller coaster which I made sound like a not so dangerous toy the young girl received. One line, “It is hard to carry my bike up the 85 steps up to this starting point, but it is so worth it!” is an example of some humor. He whole post itself is an example of creativity. Another blog involving humor is the recent You Tube video I posted of Will Smith. We couldn’t put any text, but I knew that alone would get some laughs. Finally, in my last post I used a humorous commercial as my rhetorical analysis piece. This aspect of humor and creativity was used as a writer throughout my posts. A weakness I have as a writer is usage of vocabulary. I know a good amount of vocabulary words but not a lot of unique, articulate words that people don’t always use. Sometime there are words that many know that I don’t always know the exact definition. As a writer the more words you know the more description and diversity you can add to your work, so I definitely would like to improve that. We all have things to work on.
Overall I think my writing improved and as a writer I think I have found myself to enjoy it better. The way we wrote in this class I really like with all the computer based technology added to a simply essay. It helped bring my creative side out.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blog 20: Rhetorical Analysis: Bud Light Great Taste Great Ads

Bud Light takes advantage of their name and witty reputation to relate to society with incorporation of sex appeal and humor accordingly to make their wide demographic of men understand the pleasure in drinking their beer. All the rhetorical appeals are demonstrated in this short commercial and almost all the strategies of development are used to persuade the audience to drink Bud Light. Their commercials have always been renown for their sense of humor and millions look forward to them during the annual Super Bowl because of their infamous history. They preach that their beer is reliable but they show their advertisements are too, same as the beer, they never let you down.

As you watch the Bud Light commercial you can see many different appeals being utilized and they are all supported by various rhetorical strategies. Pathos, Logos, and Ethos are all in this commercial to better persuade the audience. These rhetorical appeals are very helpful to the vendor.

First, pathos dominates the ad, it relates to our emotion in a few different ways. It interrelates humor and sex appeal. In this case, humor is the main effect of pathos that is used. Budweiser is infamous for their smart marketing as most of their ads are hilarious. In a USA Today article discussing the supremacy of Anheuser-Busch’s Super Bowl ads, Kathleen Stobie, a Silver Spring, Md., resident who is a coordinator with her county government states, "Humor gets me over anything -- not stupid humor” relating to the funny Budweiser commercials (Horovitz 6B). Description adds to those affects. A description that makes an impact on persuading the audience was the tone in which the wife said she had Bud Light. It was complimenting the beer very well. It was a short phrase but told a lot about the product. It obviously is good because they way she said she has “cold Bud Light” was very seductive and emphasized the pleasure of the beer. This is an example of sex appeal and humor being used together. The sexy wife in lingerie using Bud Light as her bribe. Things such as candles, women wearing lingerie, and satin sheets are usually used for sex appeal in ads but in this case they contribute more to the humor than anything else. This is evident in the focal point when the husband slides across the sheets and out the window. Also, the analogy of the elephant sound playing as the man is running upstairs shows that he was acting wild and animalistic, this relates to our feelings of lust. Finally the compare and contrast strategy is brilliant. Sex vs. beer and the beer wins, this is a good strategy to use, especially since men are the main clients for beer companies, it helps relate to the demographic.

Cultural resonance plays a big part in the pathos aspect. The well known symbols appear of Bud Light when it shows the infamous bottle cap. Also, in our society the male is usually willing to have sex at any opportunity he gets, when he doesn’t, especially in a common place such as a bedroom with an accepted person, his wife, our society thinks that is a bit odd and perhaps shocked that he chose something else over a very pleasurable act. This makes that something, in this case Bud Light, stand out a lot more and tells us that it is a remarkable product.

Second, logos is used too. Referring back to cultural resonance, we are shocked at the man’s decision. This shock makes us think that logically there is no choice but to think that the product is astounding to beat sex. It uses logos to make the audience think more about the product and its luxuries that we might not have thought about before. It is common sense, anything that makes someone get up that instantaneously must be pretty darn good. The ad uses example and illustration to help demonstrate logos. It shows how the product impacts a person’s life. It uses the story to exemplify how amazing the beer tastes, it wins over sex, and that must be good for a guy to choose that over sex. The product makes an impact if just its name gets a guy to react that quickly to it. Cause and effect relates to this as well. If you drink Bud Light then you will have an amazing experience and you will have never tasted anything so excellent.

Finally, ethos is used. Mainly because Bud Light in general is a very well known product. Anheuser-Busch, the speaker, is as reliable as their products. This past year it won for a record ninth-consecutive year with their funny crab commercial, USA Today’s exclusive Ad Meter real-time consumer focus group ranking of Super Bowl commercials (Horovitz 6B). Bud Light maintains great credibility with how popular they are and people keep coming back to buy it. Their descriptive, well known slogan was at the end of the commercial, “The great taste that won’t fill you up and never let you down, make it a Bud Light”. This alone is classification of their beer, it is obviously better than the rest. Although their other main form of ethos, the bull frogs, weren’t used in this ad, it was still just as effective. Their name and logo is very renown still and people keep coming back for more of that great taste.

In conclusion, this commercial does many things correctly in order to persuade its audience. Even if you don’t like beer you will still get a good laugh out of this ad, and maybe that is what their goal is as well, to not only have a good reputation for their taste but for their name as well. I saw this commercial years ago, yet it still runs in my mind from time to time, it left an imprint on my mind and that shows they did something right.
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Horovitz, Bruce. "Anheuser-Busch wins with crabby crawlers ." USA Today 5 Feb.2007: 6B.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog 18: Freewrite: Massacre vs what?

According to a massacre is to kill unnecessarily and indiscriminately, esp. a large number of persons. A very tragic, sad massacre happened very recently at Virginia Tech, you can read and hear all about it on the news such as CNN or any local news channels. The reason I bring up the definition is because I was t work the day it happened and was working with a girl a year younger than me. The story obviously was brought up. One of the first things she says is that she doesn’t think that it is a massacre and doesn’t know why they are calling it such. I was a tiny bit surprised, I began telling her that it is a lot of people and that they are calling it a massacre because it was one. She went on to argue about how a massacre is more people in her book, she said that maybe 50 would be enough for it to be considered a massacre. She is obviously wrong as I looked up the definition. Also our first massacre and it is very well known is the Boston Massacre, guess how many people that were killed on that day?? Five, five were killed and 7 wounded. In this Virginia Tech massacre, over thirty people died that is times as many people that died in one of the oldest well known massacre’s in our history. I hope everyone realizes how sad and tragic it was and knows that it was a mass number of people who died, people should argue against something like that.

Blog 18:Freewrite: College

My freewrite is going to about how my first year of college was.
It was a long year, not to hard, just long and seems like two years have already gone by. I started my freshman year up in Greeley at University of Northern Colorado. I remember from the tour I thought it was gorgeous I thought I would love it. I got into the dorm I wanted it was really nice, I got a corner dorm which was amazing because of its size. Also, my roommate and I got along which doesn’t always happen. I soon realized the differences between west and central campus. I was on central, the recently renovated side, that’s why the dorms were so much nicer. West campus was the other side where the dorms were more typical of a college, nice but nothing extraordinary, but this was the social side, where the fun was. Central campus not so much, very conservative and quiet. To make a long story short, I didn’t like UNC nor did I like the town of Greeley. Smelled, boring, and many other things. I came home a lot and sent my application in to CU Denver within the first two weeks of my first semester. Now, I have spent the past semester here, and I like it a lot better. The only complaint I have is like a lot of others. There are so many people here but why does no one socialize that much. I see people all the time that I want to meet. I want to meet more people!! Any way I am not going to lie it was probably boring, this free rite, but I had a long freshman year of college but overall it ended up good and I enjoy it now.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blog17: My Freewrite Our Free Right

As you look at these photos can you guess where this hotel is...actually it is not a hotel it is a house! A mansion! It is owned by family of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, who is the former president of United Arab Emirates and of Abu-Dhabi. It is incredible!

Outside of the house, entrance, and inside of the home.(Above)
Here are some bedrooms and their bathrooms. I am not sure which one is the master bedroom, maybe both, maybe neither, maybe just one of them. Either way they are extraordinary rooms that I would not mind staying in, would you?

And another bedroom and bath...

Just incase you want to take a have your own pool.

Need cars, they definitely have some. They are silver, oh not simply color made they are actually MADE out of sliver.


I was emailed these pictures. Ironically in my political science class I just watched the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car". It was very insightful, I didn’t even know that electric cars had existed, that people owned them. Yes, I know of the hybrid but that is a combo of fuel and electricity. It is very interesting and sad how the electric car was killed. They made complete sense and were very economical. Now, we still depend on foreign fuel from countries in the Middle East. In the documentary a man was talking about how the price of a gallon of gas is rising each year by at least a dollar. It’s on average around $2.50 per gallon, he made the point that someone is making 250,000 extra billion dollars a week. It is incredible, the profits for the main gas providing industries like Texco and Exxon make over 30 billion dollars combined in profit. There are other options we can use that will not only benefit our economy but our earth as well. Air pollution is awful and we have the means to improve it, one is by using another fuel to run our vehicles on. It is out there, why not take advantage. Ethanol, corn, electricity, hybrid, hydrogen fuels, glucose, and others. In Brazil and some other South American countries they use sugar or glucose based fuels. Obviously, those Middle Eastern countries have what we are so dependent on, oil, and are definitely loving that. I would to if I got a house like that from America’s dollars. Change is good and we need to start and change to a different fueling option. If there is a will there is a way. Just something to think about.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Blog 15: Golden Death

This ad uses so many rhetorical strategies including cause and effect, narration, example and illustration, analogy, and definition. First, cause and effect . It saying that McDonald’s food, specifically Big Macs, are very unhealthy for your body particularly your heart. The cause being the food the effect being death, or heart problems. Next, narration is being used. A story is being told that someone is in the hospital in immediate surgery because of heart problems, and as you can see on the heart monitor the renown golden arches are the focal point (cause). Also, example is being used. They are making an example of McDonald’s and the dangers of eating their food because of how unhealthy it is. The obvious analogy is the heart monitor. The “M” is an analogy for a heart attack, also the text “Big Mac Attack” could be seen as an analogy replacing “heart attack”. Definition is demonstrated as well. The ad is defining what McDonald’s food does. The fact that the result from eating their food could be death and/or severe heart problems. Pathos and logs is used a lot in this ad. Pathos is used bringing out emotion. The emotion of fear is demonstrated very wisely in this ad. The fact that what someone thought was an innocent, cheap meal every once in a while could really add up to some serious health problems perhaps even death. It taps into people’s emotions because many fear to be in this situation, being in a hospital, let along having serious surgery while your heart may fail. Logos is obviously used as well. It is telling you to not eat McDonalds or else this will happen so logically you should make the best choice for you and your health. The only original image it portrays in the parody is the golden arches and as said before they are used to represent a heart rate on a heart monitor in a surgery room of an obvious McDonald’s client. They use a very well known icon to show potential death.